On Demand

A pandemic hit the world, but it did not hold us back. We were Kicking and Streaming into 2021.

The world was shut down and we were all made to stay at home. Many wondered what would come of live theater.

We decided to try our hand at live-streaming.  We did a test project using the first scene from The Legacy of Baker Street by Brian Dowling.  The piece was well received, but the audience wanted more.  We learned a lot about our technical limitations.  Unfortunately we also learned that a full length play would be impossible to live stream in the building we use.

We were not deterred.  We moved on with productions recorded live and made them available On Demand.

Each production has advanced us as we learn the ins and outs of video production and the challenges they hold.  There are glitches. Oh boy, there are glitches. Just like in person theater, it has some factors that bring excitement because you never know what to expect.

Also like theater you see in an auditorium, On Demand has a limited run. Once the run is done, the video is gone. So don't forget to order your tickets.

We promise to continue bring our audience high quality theater.

Syncing Cameras

Finding Angles