"Dawsey Nadgett"
by Judy GeBauer

Charles Dickens invites author Hans Christian Andersen to stay with his family. Trouble ensues as Andersen overstays his welcome.

Psalm of Purgation
by Scott Gibson

Coal Creek Theater of Louisville presents a favorite submission to the playwright's showcase, "Psalm of Purgation" by Scott Gibson, directed by Nanci Van Fleet. Something is not quite right about this laundromat or its occupants.

"Reader's Theater With Black Sheep Productions"
by Merriman Wilde

This is the complete play by Merriman Wilde. All rights reserved.

What would happen if a theater troupe did a reader's theater about a theater troupe doing reader's theater? Sound intriguing? Sound confusing? Imagine how confusing it would be to be in a play, playing an actor, playing an actor in a play. Would the troupe be able to stay within the strict parameters of reader's theater or would mayhem arise? Join us for our first of hopefully many virtual plays.

Scottish Mice  
by Judy GeBauer

A famous actor is visited by the artist who is hired to paint his portrait.  Forsooth the name of the Scottish King is spoken.

Spirits in the Night

by Carmine DePaulo
Directed by Nita Froelich

A Reader's Theater by Coal Creek Theater of Louisville. This was a favored submission to our Playwright's Showcase. This production is filmed live in one performance. Houdini was a huge critic of the supernatural. Does he ever find the real thing?

100 Shows, Hundreds More Memories

A look back on the 100 productions staged by Coal Creek Theater of Louisville from 1990 - 2020