October 27 - November 11, 2023

currently in rehearsals...
the World Premiere of

by Brian Dowling

Directed by Dan Schock

Let us introduce...

Our Cast:

Charlotte played by Jaccie Kitts
Felicity played by Staci Lee York
Gregory played by Jeremy Denning
Sherlock played by Jay Moretz
John Watson played by Jadd E. Miller
Inspector Belgosi played by Gary Leigh Webster
Basil/Doctor/Voice played by Angelica Kalika
Irene/Pharmacist/Voice played by Susan Meylor
Bradstreet/Dock Worker/Voice played by Lou Clark


To Opening Night! Don't miss the chance to see this production.

Providens accurate leo ad augendam expectationem et concitationem vestram. Bene tibi sumus.

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9 Hours
59 Minutes
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